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PITCHER TREVOR BAUER WON'T BE PROSECUTED FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT AFTER ALL But he screwed up royally. Too bad he wasn't a Leykis 101 student! And what should the Dodgers do with him now?


THE DANGERS OF VALENTINE'S DAY It's here once again: the day that women lust for, and many men dread.


JOE ROGAN SHOWS WHY TOM WAS RIGHT You were wondering why Tom's podcast is on his own proprietary paywalled platform and not available for free on platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, TikTok or Twitch. Joe Rogan showed us why!


SHOULD A NEW HUSBAND PAY OFF HIS NEW WIFE"S STUDENT LOANS? This woman says yes. What does Your Professor say?

‘My husband refuses to pay my student loans.’ His reason? I took out the loans before we were together. Is there some loophole to get him to pay?


WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU FOUND OUT YOUR TWO KIDS AREN'T YOURS? Find out what this guy did when he found out! And, Your Professor tells you what he would do!

<--break->From Reddit: They're not my kids, and not my problem


IF A FEMALE "FRIEND" ASKS YOU TO KNOCK HER UP, SHOULD YOU? A Redditor got this request and he's thinking about fulfilling it. "No obligation," she says. Should he follow through?

From Reddit: My friend wants to get pregnant and she wants my help

Why a Craigslist Sperm Donor Owes Child Support


TIKTOKERS REACT TO MOTHER OF TWINS WHO WAS DUMPED BY BOYFRIEND When she told him she was pregnant at seven weeks, he told her to have an abortion and to never contact him again. What do YOU think about this?<--break->

25-year-old single mother of twins reveals she was left to raise her babies alone after her boyfriend ABANDONED her at seven-weeks pregnant when she refused to get an abortion


ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELF? Have you done all you can? Have you taken every opportunity? Have you wasted any time? Are your problems in life someone else's fault?


ARE YOU A YOUNG GUY WHO'S JUST INTO FUCKING? Your Professor has some important advice for you!


WHAT TO DO ABOUT INFLATION The price of everything seems to be going up. It won't last forever, but what can we do in the meantime?

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