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Hour 1: Deadbeat Dads. Tom thinks women are the reason deadbeat dads exist and continue to flourish. Hour 2: Abortion. Tom wants to give away an abortion on the air to one lucky couple. Hour 3: Leykis 101 hour 1. Hour 4: Leykis 101 hour 2.


Hour 1: Hot chicks will never have to study or work, only find a rich dude to pay. Fat and fuglies? Hit the books! Right? Hour 2: Money & Success. You need it and now is your chance to ask Tom, a self made millionaire, how to get it and keep it. Hour 3: Money & Success Pt 2. Tom continues to take your calls and field advice on how to achieve and maintain it. Hour 4: You've heard the new TLS, now it's your time to weigh in and tell us what YOU want to hear more/less of on the show!