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THE DAVE CHAPPELLE CONTROVERSY About 100 protesters showed up recently at Netflix corporate headquarters in Hollywood to protest the streaming Dave Chappelle Netflix special The Closer, primarily because of his comments about the transgender community. They want Netflix to stop airing the special. Should they?

Protesters denounce Netflix over Chappelle transgender comments

Netflix Boss Defends Dave Chappelle's 'Artistic Freedom' After Latest Special Is Deemed 'Dangerously Transphobic'

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WAYS WE'RE TRICKED INTO THINKING WE'RE EATING HEALTHIER America has the best advertising and marketing in the world. Much of it is designed to make us feel deficient in some way with advertised products serving as the solutions we didn't know we needed. How is this done? Tom fills you in.

How Many People Have Gluten Sensitivity?

What Is The Beyond Burger—And Is It Healthy? Nutritionists Weigh In

Is Subway Healthy? A Nutritionist Settles the Debate



YOU HATED YOUR PRE-PANDEMIC JOB You complained about your job and your lousy pay. Now, companies can't GIVE jobs away! How you can benefit from the labor shortage.

What’s behind Striketober: Unions representing more than 100,000 workers are on strike

U.S. weekly jobless claims fall below 300,000 in boost to labor market recovery

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TIME NOW TO BEGIN PREPARING FOR YOUR LEYKIS 101 HOLIDAYS Don't make the mistakes so many guys make as we head towards the end of the year. Your Professor explains.

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A LISTENER WANTS TO KNOW WHY THE MARKET IS ACTING SO CRAZY And, he wants to know what to do now. Tom to the rescue!

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IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS, TOM DOESN'T WANT ANY PART OF THOSE Your Professor has seen it all: women with mental illnesses, drug and alcohol issues, violent tendencies, you name it. Are you in love with someone who could pull you into the quicksand with them?

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TOM'S LOVE LETTER TO CALIFORNIA October 5, 2021 marks Tom's 40th anniversary since leaving New York City to find the love of his life.

California’s population declines for the first time in state history

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DOES YOUR GIRL TRY TO PRESSURE YOU INTO MAKING A COMMITMENT? Did you know that research shows that women are more depressed and less satisfied one year into a relationship than they were before it began?

Why Being in a Long-Term Relationship May Make Women More Depressed

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"HE CONNED ME INTO MARRYING HIM!" A Reddit post from an abandoned single mother who can't get any help from her family or her friends sends Tom into outer space!

Here's the story from Yahoo Life that Tom is talking about.

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