Tom Talks

Tom Talks

WAYS TOM HAS CHANGED What do you get after a major health scare in 2018, followed not much later by a once-in-a-century pandemic lockdown? Tom gave it some thought. Here, he tells you about his changes.

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WHAT HAPPENS ONCE TOM GETS HIS COVID SHOTS? The time is finally drawing near. Soon, Tom will be fully vaccinated. And, believe it or not, he has mixed feelings about it!

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DO YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW IF TOM IS YOUR FATHER? Tom says, emphatically, "NO!" has been sold to private equity group Blackstone. Who knows what they'll do with all that genetic information? One thing's for sure: don't knock on Tom's door!

It all started with this tweet.

Why spend billions for Ancestry’s DNA data if you don’t plan to use it?

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LOYALTY what good is loyalty, especially if it's not mutual? It usually isn't. Here's what to do about that.

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DIGITAL VS. ANALOG: WHAT HAVE WE LOST? Things are different now: movies, music, and television, are all digital, streaming, on-demand experiences with no physical properties such as album covers or lyric sheets, videotapes or records. Should we care?

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TOM DOESN'T SYMPATHIZE with deaths due to drugs or drinking and he gets tons of blowback for it. How much time do you spend eulogizing those who did themselves in?

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WHAT DID TOM LEARN FROM THE BACK-TO-BACK DEATHS OF TWO RADIO LEGENDS? National radio star Rush Limbaugh and Dallas radio legend Russ Martin both died within ten days of each other. What can you learn from their lives and deaths?

Gary Zabransky and Tom sit in Russ Martin's twin Batmobiles at his one-time home in Frisco, TX outside of Dallas.

Rush Limbaugh's actual house

The house in which Russ Martin died

The house where Russ Martin lived when Gary Zabransky and Tom visited Russ and sat in his Batmobiles


TOM'S EVOLUTION DURING HIS ONE-YEAR LOCKDOWN Through this COVID epidemic, Tom has had plenty of time for reflection. Good news: that wasn't depression he was experiencing. It was something else. Something good and natural.

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FAT BUT FAT Tom says that American gals keep trying to justify being lazy and eating like pigs. And, he says, women's media keep reinforcing this "fat but fit" myth.

Cosmopolitan magazine wants the gals in line in the supermarket to eat, eat, EAT!

Row over new plus-size Cosmopolitan cover as magazine is accused of 'glamourising obesity' during the coronavirus crisis - but model says 'health is whatever you want to call it' 

'Fat but fit' is a myth when it comes to heart health, new study shows

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TRUMP IS HISTORY. NOW WHAT? Tom talks about how we will fill the big void that departing loser Donald Trump leaves behind and about what's next.

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