Tom Talks

Tom Talks

TOM'S LOVE LETTER TO CALIFORNIA October 5, 2021 marks Tom's 40th anniversary since leaving New York City to find the love of his life.

California’s population declines for the first time in state history

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"HE CONNED ME INTO MARRYING HIM!" A Reddit post from an abandoned single mother who can't get any help from her family or her friends sends Tom into outer space!

Here's the story from Yahoo Life that Tom is talking about.

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BACK INTO THE THERAPIST'S OFFICE  A conversation with an old friend sends Tom searching for his therapist from years ago. Two hours in the chair. What he found. How it's changing him.

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NARRATIVES Do you believe everything you read about celebrities? Tom sets you straight.

Here, Tom shows how Dorothy (played by Judy Garland) meeting The Wizard of Oz is like meeting most radio talk show hosts and celebrities.

In this scene from the 1970s film American Graffiti, legendary to aspiring radio personalities, Curt  (played by Richard Dreyfuss) comes down to the radio station looking to meet his hero, Wolfman Jack, but he gets a surprise.

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ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! After months of thought, Tom finally figures out what he hates about the mouthy goobers who think they "know more" than HE does about vaccines and science. and it's not their lower IQs!

<--break->My Brother Died And My Anti-Vaccine Siblings Are Telling Me Not To Come To His Funeral

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TOM'S BIG ACHIEVEMENT It's nothing he did, per se. But it's an accomplishment he never thought he'd achieve.

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TOM'S TIRED OF THE HILLBILLIES, THE ANTI-SCIENCE DOOFUSES, AND THE JUST PLAIN STUPIDS Our country is now overrun by them: the idiots. Someone had to say something. Somebody just did.

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NO ONE WANTS TO GO BACK TO NORMAL Tom has had his own journey during this pandemic, all of which he has documented here. But what about the rest of us? We've had 16 months to re-evaluate and consider how we're tired of taking other people's shit. Are you one of these people?

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FATHER'S DAY: WHAT MAKES A GREAT FATHER? Tom never wanted to BE a father, but he has great respect for those who do it right. Who does it right?<--break->'

He wants his son back:' Father of Dodgers' Andrew Toles refuses to lose son to schizophrenia

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