Tom Talks

Tom Talks

ENJOY THIS FREE PODCAST EPISODE Big news! Gary Zabransky and Tom are making their first appearance together since 2018 in Portland, OR! Two events in one day, Saturday, May 21st! Listen to this free episode and find out why!

Beer Blast at Hair Of The Dog Brewery And Tasting Room 

61 SE Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97214

Saturday, May 21, 2022, 5 til 7 (NO admission charge!)

Quality steakhouse dinner with Tom & Gary and a few friends follows at a different location nearby: $299 (includes tax and gratuity, alcohol extra)

Starts at about an hour after our Beer Blast ends, approximately 8 PM

Portland location to be announced only to dinner attendees in advance of the event

Send $299 via Paypal to:



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KEEPING YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES TO A MINIMUM Those who have followed Tom's time-tested advice are reaping the benefits. Are you?


YOU'RE BETTER THAN YOU THINK And Tom thinks it's time to finally reach your potential. Are you ready?


"DON'T WORRY ABOUT HIM. HE'S DEAD!" Imagine having to compete with a dead ex who is permanently perfect!


IF TOM HAD A CHILD, WOULD THAT CHILD HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW HIM? The 70s were wild. And Tom was there. What if his worst nightmare came true?


JOE ROGAN SHOWS WHY TOM WAS RIGHT You were wondering why Tom's podcast is on his own proprietary paywalled platform and not available for free on platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, TikTok or Twitch. Joe Rogan showed us why!


ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELF? Have you done all you can? Have you taken every opportunity? Have you wasted any time? Are your problems in life someone else's fault?


CHRISTMAS IN THE BRONX/JEAN SHEPHERD'S RADIO VERSION OF A CHRISTMAS STORY  Here it is: Tom's annual Christmas gift to all the P1s! In the first two hours, Tom tells about his lifelong relationship with the Christmas holiday. Then, Tom introduces you to his broadcasting idol growing up, Jean Shepherd, creator of the characters in the classic holiday film A Christmas Story.

You've probably seen A Christmas Story, but did you know that it began as a story told on the radio when Tom was a kid? Hear the story of Ralphie, his brother Randy, and the Red Ryder BB gun as it was originally told by one of America's all-time great storytellers...and Tom's biggest influence in his style of storytelling. An exact, unedited recording of the original aircheck from WOR/New York just as Tom heard it under the covers on the night of Christmas Eve! We recommend listening late at night, under your tree or under the covers, for the full effect. 

NOTE: Super Premium subscribers will hear the original WOR commercials from the late 60s for the sake of authenticity on the Jean Shepherd segment. No paid commercials from The New Normal LLC can be heard here.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT CHRISTMAS Even though he's always been an atheist, when he was a kid, Tom loved Christmas so much. It took him years of reflection to figure out why he loved it, and why it's different for him now.