Tom Talks

Tom Talks

WILL WE EVER GET ENOUGH APPRECIATION FOR WHAT WE DO? Don't hold your breath. Tom explains.


DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO NAG? Women can't stop trying to make men into what they want men to be. Good idea?


ENTITLED ACTRESS COMPLAINS ABOUT HER "FINANCIAL PRESSURES" Do we feel sorry for poor Sydney Sweeney and her $3 million house?

Sydney Sweeney Got Real About The Financial Pressures She Still Faces


STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE If things in life aren't going your way, whose fault is it, after all?


"GOD" IS A JOKE America's Most Outrageous Atheist tells you why the shape the world is in today is proof positive there is no "supreme being".


SHOULD TRANS ATHLETES COMPETE IN WOMEN'S SPORTS? Women's soccer player Megan Rapinoe says yes. And what does Tom say?

Megan Rapinoe: Trans athletes aren't ruining women's sports


THOUGHTS ABOUT FATHERS' DAY Tom doesn't have any children (that he knows of!), and his relationship with his own father was complicated. What does "The Dad You Never Had" have to say about Fathers' Day?


SHOULD LOUIS C.K. BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A CAREER? Many people say "no," as he begs his fans to ask their local theaters to show his new movie.

Attempted assassin John Hinckley now has a career. But Louis C.K. shouldn't?

Louis C.K. Has Released A Trailer For His New Secret Indie Movie

Louis C.K. Responds to Accusations: ‘These Stories Are True’


WHAT ARE MEN SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN WE FIND OUT THAT ONE OF THE KIDS ISN'T OURS? That's what happened to one Redditor who then got roasted for not wanting to pay for the bastard kid's college education!

'You Are Not My Dad': Man Dragged for Threatening Teenager's College Fund

The original Reddit post


THANK YOU, JESUS! One dead and five injured in the latest Southern California mass shooting...inside a church! Where was "Our Lord, Jesus Christ" while all this was going down?

Laguna Woods church shooter is Vegas man ‘upset about political tensions between China and Taiwan’: Sheriff