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WAYS TO ECONOMIZE DURING INFLATION You have no idea how much money you waste. Tom tells you how to batten down the hatches!


HOW'S YOUR MONEY HOLDING UP DURING THIS RECESSION? Are you saving? Investing? Being frugal? Buying now and paying later?


WITH ABORTION RIGHTS GONE, HOW WILL THIS AFFECT MEN? Tom has practical advice for men going forward now that Roe vs. Wade has been overturned.

Click here and order all the Plan B abortion pills you can WHILE you can.


SHOULD TRANS ATHLETES COMPETE IN WOMEN'S SPORTS? Women's soccer player Megan Rapinoe says yes. And what does Tom say?

Megan Rapinoe: Trans athletes aren't ruining women's sports


THOUGHTS ABOUT FATHERS' DAY Tom doesn't have any children (that he knows of!), and his relationship with his own father was complicated. What does "The Dad You Never Had" have to say about Fathers' Day?


WOMEN WHO WANT TO BE OLD SCHOOL HOUSEWIVES There's a retro movement going on: women who look at being a housewife as a career. One woman is blowing up TikTok with her opinion that women should give up on out-of-the-home careers and spend their lives serving their husbands. Do you want a woman like that?

<--break->Huffington Post: This Woman's Viral Argument For Marriage As A Career Has The Internet All Riled Up

The Tiktok video Tom is talking about


SHOULD LOUIS C.K. BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A CAREER? Many people say "no," as he begs his fans to ask their local theaters to show his new movie.

Attempted assassin John Hinckley now has a career. But Louis C.K. shouldn't?

Louis C.K. Has Released A Trailer For His New Secret Indie Movie

Louis C.K. Responds to Accusations: ‘These Stories Are True’


TOM MAKES A MAJOR DECISION ABOUT HIS PORTFOLIO What's coming next in your portfolio? Your IRA? Your 401(k)? Tom tells you what's next with his portfolio, and what he's doing about it.

Morningstar: It's Time for Tax-Loss Selling

Forbes: Jamie Dimon Warns Of A ‘Hurricane’ Coming Our Way—Here’s What You Need To Know


JOHNNY DEPP BEATS AMBER HEARD IN COURT What have we learned from this trial?

What comes next for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s movie careers after the verdict