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DOESN'T MARRIAGE MEAN HAVING TO SHARE EVERYTHING? Hear all about a Redditor who won the lottery and doesn't want to share with her husband.

I just won the lottery and don’t want to share my winnings with my husband


WHY DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS DOESN"T CARE WHETHER FOX NEWS APOLOGIZES OR NOT They got $787.5 million for Fox's lies. Don't they also deserve an apology? Or to have some hosts such as Sean Hannity or Maria Bartiromo thrown under the bus?

This private equity firm is the biggest winner in the Dominion-Fox News settlement


SHOULD THIS GUY PAY HIS MOTHER'S MEDICAL BILLS? A Redditor who felt neglected as a kid now finds that his mother has cancer...and the hospital is calling him to arrange a payment plan. Does he have to help her?

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HIRING STUPID PEOPLE Are there any reasons you might want to do that?


A REDDITOR WANTS TO KNOW IF HE'S AN ASSHOLE for refusing to give up his airline window seat to a crying child. Find out what Tom would do!


BEING TAKEN TO HR FOR NOT BENDING TO THE DEMANDS OF AN OFFICE ATTENTION WHORE What if you showed up at the office and just did your job? Many gals would hate that!


WHAT DOES 168 MEAN TO ME? A lot, it turns out!


TOM INTERVIEWS DAVID CROSBY IN 1991 The rock legend died recently. Here he is in studio with Tom 32 years ago!


TOM BRADY: WHAT NOW? At 45, Tom Brady doesn't look like the NFL player he used to be. Should he finally retire for real? And, is it our business?