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HAVE YOU LOST SLEEP OVER THE MISSING SUBMARINE? News outlets have been obsessed with the submarine that purported to take paying customers to the site of the Titanic. Have you?

Missing Titanic Submersible Search Focuses on Area Where Underwater Noises Were Heard

What happened to the missing Titanic sub? Our reporter who rode on vessel explains possible scenarios


MIDDLEMEN: A SURPRISE FACTOR IN INFLATION so many people complain about inflation, yet they jump right in and support the interlopers who are largely behind it!


ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE COMING RECESSION? Tom is. Hear what he's doing to batten down the hatches.

I thought I'd earn more by keeping my money in the stock market than a savings account, but I couldn't have been more wrong


81-YEAR-OLD MARTHA STEWART IS THE COVER FOR SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S 2023 SWIMSUIT EDITION the Swimsuit Edition was clearly invented for teenage pud-pounding. Is this what they had in mind?

<--break->Martha Stewart, Sports Illustrated’s oldest swimsuit model, says ‘aging is so boring’


SHE REGRETS TAKING IN HER AUTISTIC COUSIN Read the post below and then hear what Tom has to say. What would you have done?


HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH JUNKIES IN THE FAMILY? Hear all about a Redditor who's been getting shit from her husband's family because she doesn't want his sister, supposedly "clean" for two whole months now, to come visit.

AITA for telling my husband that his sister needs to be clean for a least a year before she is allowed in our house?


TOM FINDS THE AUTHOR OF THE FOCUS LETTER and what a backstory George Peter Ryan had! Did you know that someone played him in a movie?



























Actor George P. Ryan became community activist on Lido Key

Watch Christine starring Michael C. Ryan (Dexter) as George Peter Ryan, author of the legendary Focus Letter

Christine Chubbuck (partially found on-air suicide footage of television news reporter; 1974)


TUCKER CARLSON AND DON LEMON OUT WITHIN AN HOUR OF EACH OTHER What can they learn from shock jock Tom Leykis?