Sep 13th, 2023 | Tom Talks

IS ANYONE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THEY DO ANYMORE? No cash bail if you're arrested. Addiction is just a "disease." No real punishment for thefts under $1,000. What the hell is going on?



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That could go one of two ways. Either the suspect is released until trial or they are held without bond until trial. At any rate, that determination should be left for judges to decide on a case-by-case basis, not for state legislatures or city councils to codify into law.

Submitted by 01_diego on

This country is going down the shitter every day !

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well said father. Fuckers don't wanna be responsible from any of their actions! For them, It is always someone else fault. You can't go your day without offending anybody nowadays. One thing I am curious though... Now it s really bad bcs of these dumb people but what about t the generation they will produce? Next gen who s going to be raised by these retards, oh boy it s gonna be a shit show!