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I remember Jay Marvin (who did a show on WLS in the 90s) would always complain about Drew Hayes, who was his boss at the time. His nickname for him was "Screw Hayes" and he would often bash him on the air.

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There were a lot stories about Drew Hayes in the business. One in particular was from "Mad Dog" who got sick of Hayes' own constant station meetings at WLS in the early 90s. On one occasion, he stormed out of one meeting and Hayes tried to verbally force him back, at one point that if he didn't, he threatened to not renew his contract with the station.

Mad Dog never submitted to Hayes' own threats. Instead, he told Hayes "what kind of an asshole do you think I am?".

Hayes froze up; Mad Dog went back to his office. And of course, he left Chicago at the end of his WLS contract.

I think there's a lot of people who are willing to submit to the master to appease a situation just to avoid conflict, even if means keeping their jobs. And for Hayes to tell Tom not to talk about Trump in a negative fashion goes to show who he is: a puny ant trying to exert influence or power over others. Donald Trump is exactly similar.

Tom: I'm glad you didn't take that yuppie's shit just before you went on KABC on that particular afternoon.

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Mad Dog was Bob Lassiter, right? I do recall hearing his show in the early 90s and he was pretty outspoken. I think Tom mentioned him on his show years ago. Maybe he can do a show sometime of some of the more interesting radio personalities he worked with in the past. Anyway, I wonder if Jay Marvin was not a replacement for Mad Dog. I know Jay was the only non-conservative on the station in that era and think Lassiter was before him. Lassiter's show was somewhat edgy, similar to Marvin's show. I think they were the only two that did unscreened calls at times.