Feb 18th, 2023 | Tom Talks

BEING TAKEN TO HR FOR NOT BENDING TO THE DEMANDS OF AN OFFICE ATTENTION WHORE What if you showed up at the office and just did your job? Many gals would hate that!



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It's important now more than ever for young men to be reminded of the dangers and consequences of trying to "fish off the company pier"! (and how now even ignoring these women can still land them in trouble...wonder what excuse HR/DEI departments will think of to penalize/fire guys over this)

Fortunately, those rules don't apply in Japan. Made it over here because of your advice, and grateful for every bit of it that I was able to put into practice. (Saving, Investing, the "F U" fund etc)

Everyone out there reading this, who are on the fence about subscribing: DO IT NOW -- Tom is one of the few voices out there who will speak the truth about finance and relationships in this world that only seems to be getting crazier by the day.

Thanking you once more sir, and I'll keep listening...