Oct 7th, 2022 | Tom Talks

HAVE THE LAST FOUR YEARS WORN YOU OUT? Mandates. Lockdowns. Ukraine. Trump. Social media. Tom knows what you need to do.



Submitted by Liberation95 on

I've been saying the same thing to friends and family for the longest time. When they complain about the pandemic or the war, I just say, "Can you do anything about it? No? Well then, if the world is going to end just enjoy the time you have left since you have no power to change it!" When the lockdowns started I wasn't crying like a little bitch, I took advantage to learn things to improve my career and profession. Thanks for letting me see I'm not the only one who thinks this way!

Submitted by John Nett on

In October of 1962, the Soviets brought a bunch of ICBMs on boats, that we could see with satellites, to Cuba, and set them up. I assume they were operational. President Kennedy came on TV one evening in October and pretty much announced to the entire world and to the Kremlin specifically, that the launch of any missile from the island of Cuba would be met with a full retaliatory response from the USA against the USSR.

I was eleven years old. I knew what that shit meant, my Dad was nervous. We lived in a city next to an Air Force base. A Strategic Air Command (SAC) base with B-52s and I'm sure all kinds of nuclear ordinance. That shit meant a Soviet hydrogen bomb or two was a comin to my town quite possibly that week. I was at school and we had had the "Duck and Cover" thing with the drills and the huge air raid sirens painted yellow and once a week city wide testing--that shit went on for the previous year. From 10 to 11 years old my friends and I knew that we could be instantly radiated, incinerated, atomized and insulted.

The point is we had no control at all, in any way shape or form, over any of it. In that week of Oct. 1962 a quiet acceptance seemed to come over me and the people around me. I was scared but the week ended and the Soviets packed up their shit and fucked off. Thank you JFK.

I was scared then but not so much now, I mean a total thermal nuclear exchange, "Aint nobody got time for that!"

This week I came to two realizations: One, that what ever happens to the Democracy of my country is out of my hands and so I do not care anymore if my countrymen act like traitorous vultures and gut the fucker.
Two, is war. Nothing I could have done when I was eleven and I have no input now so fuck war, I'm not afraid of it, not any more, I was, but not anymore.

The average American is a moron and as I go forward I will maintain this outlook until I decide otherwise, my discretion, while being the gentleman that I am. Before the large orange blob and his cardboard wife descended the golden escalator, I was golden, but since then not so much, until I stopped caring. I don't give a fuck what happens to my country or the planet. I used to care, I used to care deeply. I keep my little world clean and healthy in all ways. To not care takes practice but the feeling can be liberating. Just let them slip away under the water, just watch stuff disappear and fade away. Thanks Tom, a lot of shoulders have relaxed because of this one episode.

Submitted by John Nett on

Stop checking the news. It's bad for ya. It just is. Anything you need to know, you'll know eventually. Don't torture yourself, turn your communicator devices to OFF. and just smell the roses.