Nov 27th, 2021 | Tom Talks

ANATOMY OF A DIVORCE Hear the never-before-told story about the specifics of why Tom left a marriage. If you're thinking about getting married or moving in together, this information is vital. If you're already married, you need to know about these red flags!



Submitted by Akocan35 on

Sounds like the bitches from here in Seattle, WA. I know you had an ex wife who was from Seattle and I wondering if who you re talking about Tom.

Submitted by ogalvan on

We'll just assume it's the bitch from Seattle unless we're told otherwise. :D

Submitted by UncleKenta on

All this hardcore shit I've learned from you is fucking powerful. One of your best broadcasts I've ever heard. fuckin aye. What a story. I had to listen to it many times. Thank you!!

Submitted by Hubcap on

You are absolutely right, Tom. Looking back over my 60 some odd years, I've known few women who were truly kind. Most I found kind of mercenary, and perpetually angry. Women have been good to me, but I always felt that was much more transactional than unconditional.

This episode also reminded me of Mad Men, and how a recurring theme is how shitty they treated their kids. Those were our parents, and yes, they came from shitty circumstances--war & depression--but it made them shitty people.

Submitted by aofrailey on

I am not certain that "caring" or "a warm heart" as I envision it, should be the number 1 priority for everybody. I see these as reflecting personality traits as opposed to character. And good character is more important than anything else in choosing one's close relationships. For specifics on what good character is, the best source I know of is the Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of HIghly Effective People". Living up to commitments, beginning with the end in mind, seeking first to understand and then be understood are tenets of that model.

My caring heart is not what will impel me to take care of my husband should he become disabled. It will be because of the bargain I struck when I said "I do".
My husband and I are not paragons of romantic behavior. Married for 13 year now, I can count on one hand the number of times either of us said "I love you". Both highly introverted, we spend lots of time in solitary activities. But my husband's looking at me on Christmas Eve and saying, "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me" makes the "I do" bargain well worth it to me.

Submitted by Phoenix Redemptio 50 on

Female nature is insatiable and, therefore, unhappy. Nothing is ever enough for matter their socioeconomic class. This is a direct result of their primary evolutionary survival trait which is "Hypergamy". Today's women have evolved from early females that were primarily focused on survival and replication. They were always jockeying for a better male partner with more resources (e.g. fire, warm cave, food) which could literally impact their survival. Today's women will abandon their partner (in favor of another male) for a variety of conditions which she deems to be a "better deal". They never reach a level of "satisfaction"...rather it is on to next demand. Once they pester you to fulfill their immediate desire (e.g. new car, new furniture, big vacation) they then focus on the next project which is another resource transfer.

This is not love, but rather utility.

The sexual marketplace is like a desert. Us men are wondering around in the desert (sexual market place) looking for the oasis (we are told it exists) only to find nothing but mirages. Stop looking! I spent 30 years wondering around in this desert and all I ever found was mirages. Luckily I had enough sense to avoid marriage and children. The sex was good but the heartbreaks far exceeded the enjoyment of the sex.

Submitted by Romaggio on

Thank you Tom!