Jun 21st, 2021 | Tom Talks

FATHER'S DAY: WHAT MAKES A GREAT FATHER? Tom never wanted to BE a father, but he has great respect for those who do it right. Who does it right?<--break->'

He wants his son back:' Father of Dodgers' Andrew Toles refuses to lose son to schizophrenia

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Submitted by Alex from Aurora on

Tom! That was a very well put to get her show! I’ve been married twice and found you in 2004 after my 2nd divorce. No kids! Got blessed on that one. How ever my step son from my 2nd marriage, he and I got very close! Long story he is 35 now and didn’t hear from him on Father’s Day.

Submitted by KA06 on

I’ve learned more for Tom about life, money, women and the pursuit of happiness than I ever did from my old man!