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AT LEAST ONE LISTENER DIDN'T COMPLETELY GET TOM'S POINT ABOUT INVESTING AND THE PANDEMIC in our last episode. Now, his question is a good one. Listen and find out what he (and maybe you) didn't understand.

JohninLA wrote, "As a long time listener, if I understood you correctly, you regretted selling your positions after the 87 crash. Thereafter, you've taken a disciplined approach of dollar cost averaging into the market. So why are you deviating from your discipline, and selling your riskier assets? You may be repeating the same mistake you made in 87. You're making a lot of assumptions about there being a 2nd surge of Covid cases, and about the riots lasting all summer long. What if you're wrong? What happens if S&P 3000 is the new bottom?"

Here is the previous episode in which Tom talks about what he'll be doing in the stock market and in his life due to COVID-19.

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WHAT DO WE DO WITH OUR MONEY NOW? The S&P 500 is now up over 38% since the low of March 23rd. Do we go with the flow? What will happen to the economy next? We're "reopening", aren't we? Will the stimulus payments and extended unemployment continue?  Tom's made so many accurate predictions in the past. You can't afford to miss this episode!<--break->

‘You should be nervous!’—legendary money manager slashes stock market exposure from 55% to 25%

Don't Get Too Comfortable: The Next Wave Is Coming

S&P 500 index since March 23, 2020

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A LONGTIME CALLER AND FOLLOWER TELLS HIS AMAZING SUCCESS STORY John from Austin's journey began years ago when he was in a miserable marriage and financial trouble with an impressionable son, Cole. Find out where they are now thanks to listening to the advice of Your Professor.

Here is John's Email to Tom:

Here is John's newest credit score.

John finally paid off his car note. Look!

And he also completely paid off his Visa card balance!


COVID-19: A GOOD CHANCE TO GET OUR ACTS TOGETHER Judging from social media, during this pandemic, we're getting reacquainted with our pets, sharpening our cooking and baking skills, and having Zoom get togethers with friends and relatives we forgot long ago. But what are we doing about our spending and savings habits?

This is the cookie that Tom talks about in this episode. Made from scratch with limited sweetness, organic cocoa powder, and whole grain whole wheat flour.


WHAT TO DO ABOUT YOUR INVESTMENTS DURING THESE HARD TIMES The COVID-19 pandemic has sent the stock market down dramatically, so Tom brought in an expert: Mitch Tuchman, Chief Investment Officer of Mitch and Company manage over 10,000 portfolios worth over $4 billion. Find out what you should be doing with your investments right now.

Here's the book that Mitch referenced, A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel (it's on Tom's bookshelf!).

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WHAT ARE WE LEARNING ABOUT MONEY FROM THE CURRENT CRISIS? The truths of so many of Tom's lessons that you ignored are now obvious. How can we remake our financial lives so we don't make the same mistakes after things get back to normal? Also, should you be investing now when things are awful? WWWBD? (What would Warren Buffett do?)

This piece from The Motley Fool offers thoughts about investing in bad times from billionaire Warren Buffett.

Tom's room at 3 Denise Court in Selden, New York and the window that froze over.

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WORST STOCK MARKET WEEK IN 12 YEARS How did YOU make out? Find out how Tom made out. Did he sell it all...and what he's doing NOW.

<--break->Here's a great analysis from the Wall Street Journal. 

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WOW! THE DOW DROPS OVER 1,000 POINTS What do we do now? Find out what Tom did as a result, and what YOU should do. Also, find out what you SHOULDN'T do now!<--break->

See why the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 dropped so much in one day.

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MORE STORIES ABOUT CREEPING DEADBEATISM It's all around us! People borrowing money they can't afford to pay back, and the journalists who feel sorry for them! Plus, learn the reason why YOU shouldn't feel sorry for them.

Here's the Wall Street Journal article about car-buying deadbeats to which Tom refers in this episode.

Yes, it's true that car dealers actually make more money on financing your car than on selling you the car!

Here's the CNBC article about student loan deadbeats to which Tom refers in this episode.

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YOUR CREDIT SCORE COULD BE GOING DOWN WITHOUT YOU KNOWING Also, is it worth the effort to get your credit score from the 750s to the 800s? Should you pay off old credit cards you don't use anymore? Should you be totally out of mutual funds and stocks at this point? Should you sell vehicles that are underwater in order to eliminate debt? Tom knows!

Here is the story from the Wall Street Journal about the upcoming changes to how FICO credit scores are calculated.

Click here and get yourself an American Express Blue Business Card like the one Tom discussed in this episode.

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