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THEY WANT YOU TO SPEND YOUR STIMULUS CHECK Tom says he has better ideas. People in student loan debt whine about their plight. The latest on Tom's portfolio. Also, what's the difference between a stock and a mutual fund?

From The Wall Street JournalSome Young Americans Fight Economic Unease by Using Stimulus Checks to Pay Down Debt

From The New York Times: I’ve Spent $60,000 to Pay Back Student Loans and Owe More Than Before I Began

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STIMULUS CHECKS ARE COMING AGAIN What should we do with that money? This could be the one chance in our lives to get our finances together once and for all. Tom tells you how.

Do you qualify for a third stimulus check? Here's how to find out.

What you need to do to get the third stimulus payment of up to $1,400

Start cleaning up your credit score today! Click here to get all three major credit reports absolutely free. (One set per year.)

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WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH GAMESTOP? Tom asks Michael Moe, founder and CEO of GSV Holdings, who has investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Snap, Lyft, and Spotify. Should you go anywhere near GameStopAMC Holdings, or any short squeezes?

Check out Michael Moe's book Finding the Next Starbucks: How to Identify and Invest in the Hot Stocks of Tomorrow

Also check out Michael Moe's The Global Silicon Valley Handbook

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NEW PRESIDENT, NEW MONEY PLANS Now that we know for certain who the president is as well as some of his plans for the future, Tom is adjusting his portfolio accordingly. Also, Tom adds an exciting new mutual fund to his holdings.

Learn about Tom's latest fave mutual fund.

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WHAT IS TOM DOING WITH HIS MONEY AS WE BEGIN THIS DEEP, DARK WINTER? We now know for sure that Joe Biden is about to be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. We're now averaging over 3,000 US deaths per day from COVID-19. What is Tom doing with his portfolio now? And what can you do?

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TOM'S MAKING MONEY MOVES Find out what Tom is doing next. A new mutual fund. An old favorite. Where he's been loading up. What he dumped. How he's navigating all this volatility.

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THE HIDDEN FINANCIAL BENEFITS OF THIS PANDEMIC You are profiting from the COVID-19 pandemic in ways you haven't even imagined! Tom looks back on the thousands of dollars he's saved since most of us have been on lockdown. Time to start banking what you're saving!

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ADULT CHILDREN AND THEIR MONEY PROBLEMS ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEMS Why in the world would a dad put up with the financial demands of his adult son's fiancée? For that matter, why would YOU?

Here's the blog that got Tom all revved up: I offered my son $30K for a down payment on a home. His fiancée wants a written agreement for my gift to be split 50/50

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WHAT TRUMP & COMPANY KNEW THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW Were you one of the many Americans who lost money last spring due to COVID-19's effect on the stock market, your investments, and your retirement? Find out about some who may not have lost money and, in fact, may have made money while you lost!

From The New York Times: As Virus Spread, Reports of Trump Administration’s Private Briefings Fueled Sell-Off

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HERE WE GO! The weather is starting to turn colder and wetter in those parts of the country where October signals the path to winter and more COVID infections. Election Day is drawing near. And though the stock market is on a dead cat bounce, it's time to prepare for the hard times ahead. What do we need to do right now?

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