Sep 30th, 2022 | Money Podcast

HOW TO TAKE YOUR CAREER TO THE NEXT PHASE  A listener working as a sound engineer wants to take it to the next level. How can he (and YOU) do that?

Listener and sound engineer George



Submitted by LeykisStreet on

When the podcast started I thought when you said "what can you do about it" I thought you meant how can we as listeners help George with his career! Hahaha I was moron for a moment. But this is a great episode Tom, every time I move up in my career I use your techniques and always think of your inspiration!

Submitted by TakeMeOutWithAB... on

Dad, what an enlightening and empathetic podcast that was! You can do it, George!

Submitted by Tatajemusic@sbc... on

Hi guys, i'm actually a bit further along, and i thankfully haven't had to go on Craigslist for some time.
But to give people an idea, i am at least 90% sure of landing whatever job i see relatd to my field that's offered on that page.
And that was definitely great advice from The Professor!
I don't brag about being the best, but i've been called that many times by Directors i know.
To me, the best are the people you've heard of and are the people whose advice i've sought (like Patrushka Mierzwa who booms for Tarantino who has a great book and William Munroe, who worked on "Modern Family").
They're of course in the union, which isn't an easy thing to get into: Yes, i have been "union-eligible" for years.
Something not that easy to get into,even if you have that kind of experience.

Submitted by Tatajemusic@sbc... on

But yes, I do kick ass all over the place and i work hard...:)