Jul 1st, 2022 | Money Podcast

HOW'S YOUR MONEY HOLDING UP DURING THIS RECESSION? Are you saving? Investing? Being frugal? Buying now and paying later?



Submitted by John Nett on

Has pretty much been the name of my game. I went to the minimums of different funds 8 or 9 months ago.

I have a federal pension so am not dependent on investments to live. They did for a while pay the bills including rent and that was great.

Now I have a different level of risk. Reasonable instruments that pay decent interest rates are hard to find. I bonds maybe.

Mostly my money is just sitting in the settlement fund because I got nervous and knew everything was gonna turn to shit and as always, it did.

Submitted by ncplayer on

It's crazy I-Bonds are paying 9% interest rate! Unheard of.

Submitted by gokusan on

Even in retirement, my lifestyle has not changed one bit. My investment strategy stays the same. Thanks to dad's teachings, I am coasting. Take it from Tom, staying single with no wife and no kids to worry about can go a very long way with the least amount of stress. :)

Submitted by conwy on

Thanks to Dad's advice, I have no expensive kids, wife, fast car, mortgage debt, etc.

Living the minimalist dream, renting a cheap studio, close to parks & nature, enjoying regular exercise and a simple but healthy diet.

Thanks to my frugality and cleverness, I'm actually spending *less* than I was a few years ago! The inflation hasn't affected my spending in any meaningful way.

On the savings side, heaps invested in cheap index funds and heaps of cash on the side. Probably too much cash - time in the market beats timing the market - so I will probably buy the dip this month and put even more $$$ into Vanguard and Avantis ETFs. But man is it a nice feeling stashing a few hundred thousand dollars into term deposits and getting nice fat 4% nominal return! Still, I'm definitely not going to lose out by being too conservative - targeting 80-90% allocation to equities.

I've learned that fear of stock market downturns is irrational. Volatility comes with the territory. Life is risky. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Fortune favours the bold (but that boldness must be tempered with knowledge and intelligence).

Praise be to our Lord Tom who has revealed to us the true ways of the world ;)