Mar 15th, 2022 | Money Podcast

WORST CASE SCENARIO: TOM PLANNED FOR THE WORST Over the years, many people have asked Tom why he has saved and planned so much. Find out what he did and what difference it has made over the last two years.



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Thanks for the heads up!



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With Shenzhen going into lockdown, this seems like "de ja vue all over again" - Yogi Berra. I'm flipping my script to plan D. Was gonna have a home built, but that's on hold indefinitely. I always wanted a mountain cabin too, so I'm gonna go build that first. I'm calling it operation Burt Gummer lol. Heading out next month to find some cheap remote land that I can build a nice little place over the summer. I have the skills might as well use em. Add Starlink, and I can hunker down till this crazy economy settles in a few years. Then in a few years I can build a main home somewhere, and then it'll be my vacation cabin.

Also FYI I am testing out T-Moblie 5G router while I'm on the road. Works great so far. 2424 Mbps down. Incredible because I remember the dial up days.

The reason I can do all this is because I followed Leykis 101 and Money Monday. Better late than never. Oh and I've kept the weight off too!!! BMI 25.3 Listen up boys. Tom knows whats what.

Scary times. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

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Thanks for sharing your success story. Yes, the professor has assisted all of us -- in big & small ways.
It would be great if more guys & girls became pupils of Leykis 101.

Good Luck & Happy Trails

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Thank you Tom so much. your advice is gold dad.. As I listened back to the things that you said a year ago two years ago mostly all the things you said have come true. And it's great being prepared I gotta say it really is it's still scary as h*** it really is scary but when I think about it what have I done to prepare myself I'm not that scared everything's going as planned. While I'm saving my money I'm still paying off my bills I've told you many times and soon I will be 100% debt free then it's time to build by oh s*** fund.. Thanks so much and I will continue to subscribe and listen