Jan 10th, 2022 | Money Podcast

A LISTENER IS AFRAID OF THE MARKET IN 2022 Will the market dive in 2022? What does that mean for you? Well, that depends!

'Looking Ugly': Crypto Prices Tumble Again After $300 Billion Sell-Off—How Low Can Bitcoin Go?

Wonking Out: Through A Price Index, Darkly



Submitted by craigrx on

Those two stocks make up 10% of my IRA, replacing the bonds I used to have since yields are so low. The rest of my IRA is in VTSAX.

Submitted by War-A-Tron on

Great advise. A couple of things to mention;

1. Meme Stocks - Elon's share sale was greater than the value of all Telsa's sold. If that does not ring any alarm bells, I don't know what will!
2. Crypto - Nobody uses Crypto for avoiding financial institutions anymore, instead they all use shady exchanges which are worse than banks. For crypto to succeed for decentralised transactions, the price has to be stable, but a stable price defeats the reason gamblers go in. This means it has to fail as a get rich quick scheme, and the last person holding the parcel looses it all. Out of approx 20k coins out there, almost all are going bust. I expect it to be remembered like tulip mania.

Submitted by gokusan on

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Submitted by UncleKenta on

Listen to Tom boys. His message has been consistent for decades now. Perhaps he knows what he is talking about. Or go ahead and learn the hardways and be broke and poor your whole life. I've done both, having money, no debt, and a growing pile of money is much better. I highly recommend it. And to those who didn't live thru the 1970's, inflationary and deleveraging periods are horrible. You better pay attention, and ffs stay away from all the crypto and meme tulips out there.
O Realty Income "has been beddy beddy good to me!!!!" - Garrett Morris
Thank you again Tom! The Dad we never had.

Submitted by greg parsons on

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