Dec 18th, 2020 | Money Podcast

WHAT IS TOM DOING WITH HIS MONEY AS WE BEGIN THIS DEEP, DARK WINTER? We now know for sure that Joe Biden is about to be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. We're now averaging over 3,000 US deaths per day from COVID-19. What is Tom doing with his portfolio now? And what can you do?

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Submitted by ProfTomLpupil on

I hate to go against the grain but are things getting better and will the economy improve now that we have two emergency use vaccines? I'm lucky enough to have a job and I dont have time to do a thorough research but here are my concerns:

(1) Emergency use vaccines rushed for FDA approved lacks data on long-term and possible side effects; vaccines may fight covid but we dont know how much they will screw with our bodies. We may escape covid but no one knows what will happen internally 6 or 12 months from getting unproven shot in arm.

(2) Is mRNA technology used by Pfizer-BioNTech suitable and safe to be used on humans? During 60Minutes on Sunday Dec 20, it was said that this technology is experimental. Are there any long-term or side effects we dont know about (back to question 1 above)?

(3) I recall listening to NPR back in Spring 2020 that the scientists have identified something like 5 distinct COVID strains. We can only assume that the big pharma created vaccines to neutralize the most common/most deadly strain. What about the remaining strains we dont have protections against? Having received Pfizer/Moderna vaccine, will those individuals let their guard down and get infected with the remaining strains? Also I heard on the news yesterday that London is on lock down due to new covid strain.

(4) Viral mutations. We are currently having a heat wave in Los Angeles with temperatures breaking 80F mark, while other parts of the country are buried under a foot of snow. Would a virus transported to a new and extreme environment (freezing to summer temp or reverse) force covid virus to adapt rapidly and mutate to something new we havent seen yet?

Comments anyone. What do you think Professor?

Submitted by RMS on

Just invested in 3 of those after listening since I'm exciting about the future of the economy this year...
Thanks Tom!