Money Monday

Money Monday

Hour 1: A wife's post on Reddit complaining about her husband, makes it clear why you shouldn't get married. Hour 2: More on the wife's post on Reddit. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: Why do companies continue to have holiday parties where they throw their employees all together and pump them full of booze? Hour 2: This is the time of the year to dump that bitch! Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: Why do your holiday shopping at stores when it can be done online? Hour 2: Holiday shopping discussion continued. Plus, due to phone problems, Tom takes a few calls a la WOP. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: The things that you do during the holidays because you feel obligated to do so, not because you want to do them. Hour 2: More advice on how to spend your holidays. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: A bill being introduced in New Jersey would consider lying to get sex, rape. Hour 2: Discussion of the rape by fraud bill continued. Hour 3: Money Monday. Hour 4: A bonus hour with live reaction to the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson Missouri.


Hour 1: The recent engagement of Charlie Manson sparks a conversation of the meaning of love. Hour 2: Don't tolerate those who criticize you. Stand up to them and get them out of your life. Plus, what is your opinion of love? Hour 3: Money Monday


Hour 1: Tom broadcasts live with a listener from Dubuque Oregon. Hour 2: Money Monday.


Hour 1: Lena Dunham is being criticized for allegedly molesting her sister when they were children. Hour 2: Tom asks listeners to reach out to him to see if he can solve their problems. Plus, unscreened calls. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: The Racism Hour based on an article reporting that some with the Seattle Seahawks feel that quarterback Russell Wilson isn't black enough. Hour 2: The Racism Hour continued. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: NPR is encouraging their broadcasters to use other words when describing the team, the Washington Redskins. That's censorship and that's wrong. Hour 2: Why do you tolerate being in the dead end job that you're in today? Hour 3: Money Monday.