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Live Stream Library

Hour 1: Ex-USC Recruit Exonerated Of Rape. Tom shares a story about a young man who was jailed and served 10 years only to be exonerated of his rape charge after the girl admitted to him she never came clean in order to keep the 1.5 million dollar settlement money. Hour 2: Tweet You Teats. Starting for Flash Friday tomorrow Tom is launching a new Twitter initiative designed to take Flash Friday to the digital realm. Hour 3: Leykis 101 Hour 4: Leykis 101


Hour 1: Politics on The Tom Leykis Show. Should Tom discuss politics on this version of the show? It's TLS decision 2012 and you're turn to vote. Hour 2: 2012 Presidential Campaign. You voted to hear more political topics so Tom discusses his stance on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Hour 3: Unscreened Calls.


Hour 1: Internet radio vs terrestrial radio. Tom starts the show by asking you to read the answers to a new interview he participated in about the state of radio and its future. Includes a revealing look at the previous studio location of The Tom Leykis Show. Hour 2: Continued discussion on internet radio vs terrestrial radio. Hour 3: After the discussion generated by the shows first two hours, Tom takes the idea a step further and articulates the change we're seeing as a society from the big box ideals of the past to the smaller, more niche products we support in the new digital age. Are we becoming a "like" button society? Hour 4: Continued discussion on the era of the "like" button.


Hour 1: Mark Zuckerberg Marriage. Just turned 28 year old Mark Zuckerberg surprised everyone over the weekend by suddnely announcing his marriage to his long time girlfriend. How dumb is this guy? Hour 2: Money Monday Hour 3: Money Money Continued.


Hour 1: Flash Friday. Author of Sideways, Rex Pickett, joins Tom in studioo to discuss the premiere of the new stage adaptation of the popular film and novel. Hour 2: Flash Friday. The studio phones are dead so Tom makes the best of a bad situation and invites the rest of the cre on air to answer your questions through social media. Hour 3: Flash Friday. More with Tom, Gary, Dino, and Art. Hour 4: Flash Friday/WOP. Phones are back up and Tom takes your calls. Hour 5: Flash Friday/WOP. Second bonus hour!


Hour 1: Leykis 101 Hour 2: Leykis 101 Hour 3: Identifying Accusers. LA Angels player Tori Hunter's son, Darrius McClinton-Hunter, may have sexual assault charges against him dropped after his unidentified and protected 16 year old accuser may have recanted the story. Tom wants to know why we have to protect these liars who accuse people of heinous acts. Includes the debut of Killer Chimpanzee style. Hour 4: Unscreened Calls


Hour 1: Manny Pacquiao vs. The Grove Mall. Pacquiao banned from The Grove for condemning gay marriage and challenges President Obama. Hour 2: Back To Radio. A listener asked when Tom is coming back to regular radio and Tom flips shit. Hour 3: Exes. Why do guys get jealous of their exes with other people?


Hour 1: Deadbeats and Money. Tom has had enough of deadbeats asking for a handout and wants to know why you keep giving these people money? Hour 2: Cont Deadbeats. Tom takes more of your calls about the weak links in your life that just won't get their shit together. Hour 3: SPORTS! Los Angeles sports teams are laying it down right now with 3 of them currently in the playoffs.


Hour 1: Obama /Gay Marriage. Many listeners have expressed their desire for Tom to discuss the president and his recently new outspoken stance in favor of gay marriage. Hour 2: Money Monday Hour 3: Cell Phones. Tom is fed up with the HTC EVO downloading mandatory apps, or bloatware. The iPhone vs Android debate finds its way to The Tom Leykis Show.


Hour 1: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 2: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 3: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 4: Flash Friday/WOP