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Hour 1: Discrimination. Who do you discriminate against? *Replay from May 2, 2012* Hour 2: Continue discuss on Discrimination. *Replay from May 2, 2012* Hour 3: Leykis 101 *Replay from April 19, 2012* Hour 4: Leykis 101 *Replay from April 19, 2012*


Hour 1: There WILL NOT be any rioting at the LA Kings Game if they win tonight, despite warnings from the city of Los Angeles. Hour 2: Obama disrupting LA traffic is PISSING TOM OFF. Hour 3: Lists of Most Annoying Celebs. Tom and crew share their lists of celebrities that annoy them most.


Hour 1: Barack Obama. Simple enough- how do you feel about Barack Obama? Hour 2: Continue Obama. Hour 3: Fast Food. Tom and crew talk all things fast food.


Hour 1: The Radio Industry and New Callers. Tom spends and hour talking about the radio industry and talking to callers who have never called into The Tom Leykis Show before Hour 2: Money Monday Hour 3: Money Monday


Hour 1: Flash Friday/WOP/TweetYourTeats Hour 2: Friday/WOP/TweetYourTeats Hour 3: Friday/WOP/TweetYourTeats Hour 4: Friday/WOP/TweetYourTeats


Hour 1: Women Broadcasting Sports. Canada's CBC has an alternate take on sports commentating for the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals with their program While Men Watch. Basically two cackling hens talking about how the players look and other such important issues while the game is in progress. Hour 2. Women's Self Esteem. Following up on a previous topic from this week, Tom wants to reinforce the fact that the lower self esteem the woman has the better. He has no responsibility to help others raise theirs. Hour 3: Leykis 101 Hour 4: Leykis 101


Hour 1: Fatkinis. After seeing a new photo gallery online of fat chicks in bikinis with far too much self confidence, Tom wants to understand what the hell it is that's going on and get your feedback. Hour 2: Location to Beauty Ratio. Tom has said it many times before as a joke, but it's absolutely true- the hotter chick you are the better life you will lead. Hour 3: Unscreened Calls.


Hour 1: BBQ. Tom spent the Memorial Day holiday BBQ'ing and smoking all kinds of meats thinks the best part about the summer kickoff is BBQ season. Hour 2: Things Chicks Hate. Feeling inspired by the previous hours topic, Tom wants to compile a list of all the things chick hate with your input. Hour 3: Pinterest. Over the weekend Tom signed up for Pinterest on the advice from an internet marketing friend. Are you on Pinterest? Does anybody but chicks give a shit about this?


Hour 1: Tom Leykis Show Debut of Tweet Your Teats! Flash Friday/WOP Hour 2: Tom Leykis Show Debut of Tweet Your Teats! Flash Friday/WOP Hour 3: Tom Leykis Show Debut of Tweet Your Teats! Flash Friday/WOP Hour 4: Tom Leykis Show Debut of Tweet Your Teats! Flash Friday/WOP


Hour 1: Ex-USC Recruit Exonerated Of Rape. Tom shares a story about a young man who was jailed and served 10 years only to be exonerated of his rape charge after the girl admitted to him she never came clean in order to keep the 1.5 million dollar settlement money. Hour 2: Tweet You Teats. Starting for Flash Friday tomorrow Tom is launching a new Twitter initiative designed to take Flash Friday to the digital realm. Hour 3: Leykis 101 Hour 4: Leykis 101