Jul 21st, 2020 | Live Stream Library

SUSPECTED SHOOTER OF JUDGE'S FAMILY A FORMER GUEST ON THE TOM LEYKIS SHOW A member of the family of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas opened the front door to a man claiming to have a FedEx delivery who came in and shot both Judge Salas's son, who died, and her husband, who has survived. His name was Roy Den Hollander, a former guest on the Tom Leykis Show. Here is one of his appearances in its entirety. Episode free to all!

The likely shooter, Roy Den Hollander

Read the Washington Post story about this shooting.

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Submitted by TallTim on

Just listening to this episode doesn't make me think a guy like that would be capable of what he's allegedly accused of. I wonder what was going on in his life when all that went down.

Seemed pretty balanced in your interview, you know? Do you have any opinions on this, Tom? Part of me thinks a possible setup, but who knows.

Submitted by Akocan35 on

Holly shit! I do remember listening this episode back in the day. Crazy world! It s so weird though that they always find the killer with a bullet in his head... Hmmm... He sounds like a just normal person. Hard to believe he did it. But what do I know..

Submitted by xboxown on

It is easy. A woman have done that to him. Guaranteed it is by a woman.

Submitted by Jerry L on

Normally I wouldn’t look at a statement such as “going out hunting” with such a scrutiny from a guy who isn’t a murderer. But when he talks about going out hunting for women he really sounds like a predator if you look at it in the context of he likely hunted down these people before he killed them… Very creepy