Leykis 101

Leykis 101

YOUR PROFESSOR ANSWERS LISTENER QUESTIONS Also, count the mistakes as a listener recounts his attempts at a relationship with a recovering drug addict and alcoholic... and ends up moving her in! An extra long episode!

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ONCE AGAIN, SCIENCE PROVES YOUR PROFESSOR HAS BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG You think that your girl "loves" you or that she thinks you're a "stud", and because of this, you're thinking about giving her what she wants: a wedding ring. But a recent study proves that your girl doesn't want to marry you because you're "so cute" or "such a great guy". She's looking for a different kind of compatibility that's anything but "romantic".

This is the story from which Tom reads during this episode.

Here are the details about the study Tom cites in this episode.

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SURVEY OF "SINGLE" AMERICANS: ARE WE NUTS? Match.com has released their 9th annual Single in America survey of some 50,000 unmarried Americans about their fears, hopes, and problems with dating. Yikes! Your Professor has a lot to say in this extra-long Leykis 101 classroom session.

Here are the results of Match.com's annual Singles in America survey.

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HOW MUCH ARE AMERICANS SPENDING ON A SINGLE DATE? On average, $226.35 in California. $297.27 in New York State. And an average of $1,596 on dates per year! Hear Your Professor's response as he goes completely ballistic!

Here's the study to which Tom refers in this episode.

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ARRANGED MARRIAGE BLOWS UP OVER WIFE'S CHECKERED PAST A post on Reddit tells the story of an American woman whose parents are from India. After fucking and sucking her way through college, her parents arranged a marriage for her with an apparent virgin who thought that she was also a virgin. She did nothing to dispel this notion. One day, now pregnant with their first child, she came home to find her husband crying and it all began to unravel. 

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WHAT? MILLENNIALS "CAN'T AFFORD LOVE"? A listener saw this story in USA Today and it blew Your Professor's mind. "When you meet someone nice, you want to take that person somewhere nice," the reporter was told. "But, what's the point of taking them to this nice place just to find out you guys are better just as friends? So, you're wasting money." Seriously? You can only imagine Tom's response.

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HOW MANY 101 RULES DID THIS GUY BREAK, ANYWAY? An NBA basketball star of the 90s inadvertently provides today's Leykis 101 lesson. Hear Your Professor lambaste him for seeming to break every rule in the book. And what does this mean for you?

Here's the story to which Tom refers in this episode.

Here's the information on the Illinois statute of limitations for a lawsuit such as this one.

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WOMAN MOANS THAT SHE AND HER MAN AREN'T "FINANCIALLY COMPATIBLE" Need new evidence of why you shouldn't get married? How about this financial advice column in which a woman "wants to get more serious" with her boyfriend but he has all this credit card debt, child support payments, and nothing in savings. What, oh what, can she do?

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THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE FOODIE CALL Meet Dr. Brian Collisson, the Azusa Pacific University professor and co-author of the study on women who date men specifically to get that free meal. Your Professor has been warning you for over two decades about this kind of gal and now research proves she's out there! She wants you to feed her and, in many cases, you're not getting anything in return. Now, hear about the study the world is talking about!

Here's the Newsweek story about this study that Tom references in this episode.

Women who make 'foodie calls' are more likely to have psychopathic behavior, study says.

‘Foodie Call’: Nearly A Third Of Women Have Gone On Dates Just For Free Food, Survey Finds.


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FOODIE CALLS Your Professor has been telling you for over twenty years not to spend more than $40 on a date. In addition, for almost as long, he's been telling you to avoid meals with chicks as much as possible. As it so often happens, scientific research has once again proven Your Professor to be exactly right. Hear the results of two different surveys by prominent psychologists. Your Professor tells you his proven trick for avoiding expensive meals with the gals and why it works. Click below and learn how females are laughing at you behind your back and that buying chicks meals does not help you get laid!

Here the piece from the London Daily Mail to which Tom refers in this Leykis 101 lesson.

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