Leykis 101

Leykis 101

TIKTOKERS REACT TO MOTHER OF TWINS WHO WAS DUMPED BY BOYFRIEND When she told him she was pregnant at seven weeks, he told her to have an abortion and to never contact him again. What do YOU think about this?<--break->

25-year-old single mother of twins reveals she was left to raise her babies alone after her boyfriend ABANDONED her at seven-weeks pregnant when she refused to get an abortion


ARE YOU A YOUNG GUY WHO'S JUST INTO FUCKING? Your Professor has some important advice for you!


IS DRAKE A LEYKIS 101 STUDENT? An anonymous Instagram model claims that she had sex with Drake and that, when they were finished, he threw the condom in the trash. She allegedly pulled the condom out of the trash and supposedly tried to put the contents inside her. Which supposedly caused a blood-curdling scream. Sound familiar?

Model wants to sue Drake for allegedly putting hot sauce in his condom

Girl’s on fire: Drake puts hot sauce in condom after sex with model


POLL: ALMOST ONE IN TEN MOTHERS DOESN'T KNOW WHO THEIR CHILD'S FATHER IS What does this mean for Leykis 101 students? Your Professor weighs in!

What are the chances that your dad isn’t your father?

Almost one in 10 moms isn’t sure who fathered their baby: poll


A LISTENER ASKS, "WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU FALL IN LOVE?" Your Professor has the definitive answer!


WHAT TO DO WHEN A WOMAN "TESTS" YOU about "minor inconveniences". Or fidelity. Or ANYTHING.

From Reddit: Am I the asshole for calling my girlfriend inconsiderate for the way she 'tested' me ?



My GF's past rental and credit history is making it nearly impossible to rent a place together


HOLIDAYS ARE THE TIME FOR DISAPPEARING Your Professor says, "Don't be fooled!" Are you prepared for how to treat the women you "date" this holiday season? Let's get ready!


SEXUAL HARASSMENT:THEY WISH! Once again, a group of fat, unattractive women are complaining about a "toxic and sexist culture," this time at a group of Chicago radio stations. Look at these photos and tell us if you would sexually harass, or even look twice at this group!

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"I LOVE YOU!" Is it a good idea to say that phrase just to get laid? Your Professor has some definite opinions about that, and none of them have to do with "honesty" or being a "good guy"!

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