Feb 14th, 2022 | Leykis 101

THE DANGERS OF VALENTINE'S DAY It's here once again: the day that women lust for, and many men dread.



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Tom has life's fundamentals figured out, and has been sharing these hard truths for decades now. It's a shame the young dumb and full of cum young cunts who need this most, won't hear it. Oh well.

When I was much younger, I fell for the grift, chasing pussy with flowers, not knowing the game or having any. Thankfully never knocked any of them up. Easily could've been me. Now I'm 52, zero debt, BMI 25.6, no court dates, no family counseling appointments, no vaginamony, no child support to pay, no endless events you "just have to go to" with her to like bridal and baby showers... endless.

And NO ONE, not anyone living in my castle but me and my dog. Right now I'm sitting out in my backyard, sipping on a top shelf beverage, toking on high grade medical ganja flower, tending a little campfire, which I love to do sometimes. And sitting listening to Premium Tom, no emotional or domestic disturbances, no interruptions, no chores that suddenly have to be done right fucking now, no drama, yelling crying or other endless nonsense... sittin' here, with zero thoughts about Valentines Day, until I clicked on this episode haha.

Tom has it figured out so listen up boys. Zero debt, don't get married, realize your own success for YOURSELF before anything and anyone else, the truth about employment and human resources, gold digging whores, all of it. You are listing to pure gold truth. Or don't, and you will reap the consequences: enjoy your 'man cave' AKA 'pussy whipped small corner of the your wife's boyfriend's un-air conditioned garage'. Fuck that pathetic life. Thanks Tom. Cheers and toke all.