Jan 31st, 2022 | Leykis 101

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU FOUND OUT YOUR TWO KIDS AREN'T YOURS? Find out what this guy did when he found out! And, Your Professor tells you what he would do!

<--break->From Reddit: They're not my kids, and not my problem



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CNN President Jeff Zucker announced he’s stepping down on Wednesday over a romantic relationship with his “closest colleague,” shocking many colleagues.

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Harry C. Stonecipher - Boeing Company
Philip M. Condit - Boeing Co.
John F. Welch Jr. - General Electric
Brian Krzanich -Intel
Steve Easterbrook - McDonald's
Brian Dunn - Best Buy
Darren Huston - Priceline
Christopher Kubasik - Lockheed Martin
Jed Bernstein - Lincoln Center
Garth Saloner - Dean of Stanford Business School
Mark Hurd - CEO of Hewlett-Packard

No tears for these guys. They probably all received golden parachutes. Yet, for a few moments of pleasure, they forfeited their careers. BDS

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Although both were considered voluntary participants of equal rank in the company , HE had to resign, but SHE has kept her job with no punishment so far! Thats EQUALITY FOR. YOU!

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This happened to a buddy of mine( Well similar) He married that chick bcs she needed a green card and he says "oh she is such a nice girl" Well...After 3 years where he stayed married to her ( lived in different houses, never had sex with her or anything, this was completely for getting her a greed car) She got knocked up twice from 2 different dudes and they were nowhere to be found. So she does what women does best... Fucks my buddy in the ass by claiming he is the so called "presumed" father and asks him to pay child support for both children whom not even his! That poor sucker paid child support for 2 years till finally court let him ask for a DNA test. At the end he was off the hook but he literally was the presumed father and court new he wasn't the father. He was eating ramen for those 2 years because half of his paycheck went to that cunt...

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it s amazing how selfish self center and greedy the women are in this country (well probably every country) They have everything they can ask for yet still trying to ask for more. They grew up treated like princes by everyone and getting all the positive discrimination compared to boys. They re placed into better jobs and always treated better than men. I mean all they have to do is get a fucking plane ticket and fly to a neighboring country like mexico and see how poorly women been treated. But yet they still want more. They re the dumbest fucks and all they got going for them is their vagina. Literally just one thing that gets them what they want every time. It s like a fucking trap for men and once you fell in you are fucked for life. i remember my younger days where I felt getting married and having children was my ultimate goal in life. After getting fucked by women multiple times (i was one of the a few lucky ones who never gotten married or knocked up any women) realized these bitches are evil!!!! Just fuck them boys and move on... It s like the flee market. Always new merchandise coming in and what you bought yesterday will go down in value today. Don't purchase them. Use them and loose them.