Nov 14th, 2019 | Leykis 101

WHY MEN SHOULDN'T EVER PAY FOR A FIRST DATE It all started as a debate on Twitter between Your Professor and a woman in Austin, TX whose advice to men was, "If you want to go on a 2nd date with a girl pay for the first date" because "you have no idea how often I hear this complaint from my girlfriends." In this class, Your Professor tell you why this idea is all wrong based on some of his own personal experiences.

Here is the thread on Twitter that started it all.

Here is the book that ruined Tom's cruise.

Here is the article that showed the results of the scientific study on "foodie calls".

Here is Tom's previous interview with Dr. Brian Collisson, the Azusa Pacific University professor and co-author of the study on women who date men specifically to get that free meal.

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Submitted by steve@stevenhal... on

I can honestly say I haven't paid for a dinner date for 8 years, It's a numbers game and I have all my life to play it :D I tell chicks I won't pay for any girl until we 'click' and have 'chemistry' (sex) but would 'hang out' to get to know them. Essentially I tell them once I find chemistry, I pay for everything and spoil them rotten (false promises). It has worked for me for a long while. Not all girls fall for this type of thing, but it works! I just play what they want ($$$ and 'relationship' [barf]) against them, fucking with their minds using logic and psychology, and topping it off with Toms wisdom as the sinker... hahahaha

Submitted by pauluss on

Never give a woman anything, unless it is the answer NO. you'll not go far wrong following this advice

Submitted by Campbellsoup2013 on

I couldn’t agree more. I came across Tom’s old radio broadcast on YouTube where he delivered one of the most powerful and life changing monologues I ever heard and I incorporate it daily. The message was simple: Using the word No to your daily routine, especially When dealing with women. It has literally saved my life and I can’t thank Tom enough. Because of incorporating this simple word thanks to Tom I have never gotten stupidly married or had kids and am traveling the world while making nearly six digits as a USC Alumni (Fight On!)

Submitted by van131 on

There was some old PUA stats on paying for a first date or hangout, never go to dinner but you can do coffee or ice cream. When paying for a first date even if its just for a $4 ice cream there was a 80 percent chance of a second date and during the second date women are more likely to pay for your hangout. So its a good chance to make it a little more than just ice cream or coffee.