Mar 11th, 2023 | In the News

HIRING STUPID PEOPLE Are there any reasons you might want to do that?



Submitted by Tricky713me on

I was at Nespresso the other day, checking out. The customer beside me said to her cashier: "And I would like to get some of the Coconut Iced."

my ears perked up! It's back?! Yay!
I say to my cashier: "Oooo! Coconut Iced is back? I've been waiting! I want to get some of those."
Cashier: "Well... It comes out OFFICIALLY tomorrow. Today is a pre-sale for customers who received the email."
Me: "Okay. I haven't checked my email this morning."
Cashier: "You could check your email on your phone."
Me: (omg. wtf). "Umm.. I'm standing here IN FRONT OF YOU. Can't you just sell it to me?"

Customer service is underground.
(she sold it to me>)