Sep 10th, 2022 | In the News

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN...OOPS! Not everyone is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth!



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Agreed. 100%. Who gives a F? I think the damn Sex Pistols even said "God Save The Queen" in 1977 as they said who gives a F about the royalty. Who cares about this shit? I was checking out at my local Terribles here in Las Vegas yesterday, and the guy behind the counter was crying. He made me wait while he tried to get himself together. I simply asked him "Are you okay"? He said "I feel like my mother died today". I said, "Jesus Man". 96 years of royalty shouldn't result in sobbing over a cash register. Holy F.

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I agree with Tom for the most part, but there is an exception. Prince Harry relinquished his duties as a royal but still accepts all the benefits of being a royal. What did Harry and his wife ever do to deserve a mansion in the Montecito neighborhood of Oprah Winfrey? All they do is whine about being royals while enjoying the status. In my opinion, Harry should emulate Jordon McGraw, Dr. Phil's son, who has forgone using his father's name in any way to help him in his career as a rock band member.
Where I disagree with Tom is Tom's view that we should not give a whit about what the royals are doing. I think that Prince Harry's actions bear scrutiny and criticism.