Aug 1st, 2022 | In the News

FANS ARE LIVID ABOUT THE LATEST PRICE OF SPRINGSTEEN TICKETS Any tour could be Bruce's last. Do you have a "right" to see him at what you consider to be a "reasonable price"?

$5,000 freeze-out: Bruce Springsteen fans feel betrayed by ‘crazed’ concert ticket prices



Submitted by KK on

A great lesson on Supply and Demand. Better going to the Boss than going to a scalper closer to the date of the show. LMFAO at your comment on keeping the ticket prices at $1.50! Wonder which tickets the Congressman has for the show?

Submitted by yamamotd on

Too rich for my blood. LOL

From NYT | 7-26-22:
British singer Adele, who revealed she has rescheduled her Las Vegas residency and canceled tour dates Monday, has concert tickets being sold for between $600 to more than $40,000 on StubHub.

Meanwhile, fans got another sticker shock last week when attempting to purchase concert tickets to see rock musician Bruce Springsteen.
Seats skyrocketed to $4,000 due to Ticketmaster’s “dynamic pricing program,” which raises prices based on demand.

Submitted by tomscarillo on

Hard Core Springsteen fan here - his ticket prices are not out of line, in pure dollars or compared to his peers (Elton, Adele, Billy Joel, McCartney, The Stones, etc). The difference is, TM is getting the money upfront, rather than a ticket broker. I got 2 tickets to an upcoming Bruce show and paid $175 each. Granted, not on the floor, but if you look at anyone who is an A-lister's floor seats, way up front, on TM's site, you will see plenty of resale tickets in the mid-to-high hundreds, if not thousands. I go to between 25 and 40 shows a year, and the only thing that has changed is that the best seats in the house are expensive out of the gate, before the resellers snap them up, because LiveNation and AXS have determined that the hard-core fans will pay more to sit up front, and it's changed how they scale the house pricing. No one is forcing anyone to buy a ticket to anything, and there are plenty of artists out there touring now, giving the fan lots of choices. Would i pay $5,000 for a Bruce floor seat? No. Would i pay $500 for a Bruce floor seat? Yeah, maybe, if it were close enough. He's spectacular in concert and there's a good reason why he commands higher prices. But likewise there are other artists who i wouldn't pay anything to see, but who have fans who would gladly pony up serious money to be up front for those shows, and that's fine with me. That's because it's a free country and it's your prerogative on what to spend your money on. All of the people pissing and moaning about Bruce ticket prices fall into roughly 2 camps: Those who complain about it, then tell us they hate the guy and he's not the champion of the 'common man'. These are people who are complaining about the price of a ticket to a show they just admitted they wouldn't go to anyway, or are expressing sour grapes that Bruce is getting fair value for his tickets, and it's out of their price range. Then there are those who, as Tom points out, want the tickets to still be priced at what they cost 20 or 40 years ago. I suspect these are people who don't go out to many concerts these days and have sticker shock from not having gone out to a lot of shows in recent years (maybe they had kids? maybe they had other things to do? who knows?). Hey, i'd love to see Bruce from up front, but i also have a mortgage to pay, and i found a way to make it work within my budget. Tom is spot on that the amount of complaining and hand-wringing on this is absurd. Don't want to pay it? Don't go.

Submitted by jimwalsh2001 on

...and right on, Tom...part of the problem here is that Bruce has long been pegged as a "champion of the working class" (Dave Marsh has a lot to answer for.) But it’s like Johnny Carson's old quip about why Hollywood divorces are so expensive...because THEY'RE WORTH IT! If Bruce can pull it off, more power to him.