Mar 25th, 2021 | In the News

LILY IS ALL UPSET AT YOU! Actress Milana Vayntrub, who stars in AT&T TV commercials as "Lily Adams", is clapping back against men who ogle her on the internet. Is she right?

Milana Vayntrub as "Lily Adams" in an AT&T TV commercial

AT&T actress Milana Vayntrub responds to online body shaming: 'You've lost the privilege of looking at it'

Click here to see Milana Vayntrub when she spoke live on Twitter to followers.

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Submitted by Daniel Klock on

My take is that this is a cynical ploy to extend her large profile for as long as she can. Just another day in the office for her and her cohorts.

Submitted by xboxown on

I have a question to ask. May someone answer my question? If we put all the women in USA in a land as large as USA and prevent any men or male to ever live among them. Will they survive happily alone by themselves? I am asking, because for any woman who hate men, and wish to live in an all female world...I would like them to have an option. Instead of bitching, they buy ticket and live in that new country that is exclusive female only. As long as no male interaction ever happens to them and they do all the decision making and run on their own without outside help. We keep only females who want to be with men. This way, we can stop the bitching once and for good.

Submitted by beastiedogz on

Great tits

Submitted by jalley on

I'd tell her TITS OR GTFO!, but I guess it's MILKERS OR GTFO! now.