Aug 17th, 2021 | Health and Lifestyle

ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS Tom's health journey began very quietly. It's not to sell products or to be an influencer. So when he started to finally talk about it, a torrent of emails and social media posts followed. Here, Tom answers some of your questions.

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Go to Tom's Instagram page and see photos of the actual foods he's made from scratch with real, healthy ingredients. Stuff you could be making!

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Submitted by UncleKenta on

Why the fuck are you buying anything from McCaca's or any other fast food chain in the first place? lol

Summer 2020 I was a MORBIDLY OBESE FAT COW PIG TUB OF LARD (yes Dove soap and Vogue: fat humans are gross)... I was a disgusting massive GVWR of 'let's go to the tote board Ed, timpaniiiiiiiiii!!!'... TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS!!! BMI 35.5 !!! "What the world, needs now, is love sweet love..."

HOLY FUCK!!! I fucking FELT FAT. The seat belt in my car was uncomfortable.

Then, I got a blood test result that was 'pre-diabetic'.

Oops. Hi there Mr. Grim Reaper. I'm gonna back slowly out of this hell hole I've dug for myself.
Along with the pandemic, I'd had enough.

I don't know if this will help someone else, but I used the same strategy and mindset I used to become debt free several years ago. FOCUS YOU FUCK!!! FOCUS!!!!!!! Set your goal and do nothing else until it's a new habit. I use ten pound increment goals to focus on. As soon as i get below each ten pound level, I do not let myself go above that again. Once you get going, you don't want to stop or go back to such unhealthy dangerous habits anyway.

I FEEL AMAZINGLY BETTER EVERY MONTH. My 42 INCH!!! waist band blue jeans are unusable now. Back into my 38's and they are getting looser every week. Today I weighed in at 181, and I'm not done. 20-30 more pounds to go!!! And I'm becoming a pretty damn good cook. I surprise myself sometimes how delicious and healthy I can make a meal out of simple ingredients. You can do a lot with ginger garlic chicken and some peppers n shrooms. DeeeeeeeeLish! Oh and yes, my blood work is much improved. Duh. What a dumb fat ass I was about nutrition.

If you don't think you can do this too, you are deluding yourself. You can, you just don't want it bad enough you fat cunt!

BTW... in this wacko social media mob Zombieland of a society we are living in... what was that rule? Oh yeah, CARDIO!!!! You just might want to realize, there's a higher probability than ever in our lifetime, that you will have to run for your life these days. Be prepared!!! hahahahahhaha

Being FAT is disgusting, gross, shameful, and UNHEALTHY!!! (Imagine if I wrote that on Twitter or Facebook heheheheh)
Thanks Tom!

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...for your success! You know the secret: it's a lifetime of change, not a diet!



Submitted by matt120 on

thanks for sharing, and thanks for the tip about equating weight and money. I'm good with money, never had a problem. For the first time in my life, weight is a problem and it's a bitch to get off. I'll try some of what you said.

Submitted by appleguy1991 on

I’m with you, Brother Tom.

I changed my diet on November 13th, 2020. I was 311 pounds and 57 years old at that time, I have lost 77 pounds since then and 87 since my all-time highest weight in 2019.

Everything you talked about in this episode (and your other similar episode) I agree with completely. If all those naysayers on the COVID vaccine and masks die, I say good riddance to ALL of those idiots.

I learned that complex carbohydrates, processed foods, large amounts of sugar, bad oils, and GMO food chemicals and preservatives are absolutely not our friends. It seems to me that the main difference between how you are going forward and how I am personally going forward is that I have cut out 99% of my intake of baked goods and all kinds of pasta. I do zucchini in pasta with meat sauce nowadays.

I learned that the U.S. Government food pyramid is essentially a BIG lie that BIG food does not want us to learn more about. They want us to eat their food until we fall over dead.

I now cook 95% of my food at home, I smoke various meats that are either/or organic or grass-fed. In 9 months' time, I am now 40 pounds from my goal weight of 195 pounds. I am in no hurry to get there, I will get there when I get there. The important thing is that I have changed my lifestyle PERMANENTLY.

To hell with BIG food!

Thanks for saving my life many years ago, Tom!

Submitted by cpk on

I, like many of your long time listeners am so glad that Tom's turned his health around! Eating right and getting ourselves moving is the best thing we can all do for our health. As a former trainer, I will add that resistance training is also extremely important, especially as we get older, in order to stave off age-related sarcopenia. Loss of muscle and its concomitant reduction in metabolism, bone density, strength and mobility is NOT inevitable! And it's never too late to start. Maintaining muscle mass also is known to burn more fat, and boost our immune systems. Cardio, yes, very important. But weight training is too, and even 2X a week will do wonders.

Submitted by appleguy1991 on

Yes indeed, I also incorporate weight training into my exercise routine. Most of my resistance training is using my own body weight such as planks, push-ups, abdominal tensions, and other low injury risk movements. When I use weights, I don't need to go too heavy to gain great results. My cardio has improved a lot as well. So last year, even when I was 311 pounds I used to walk 3 miles a couple of times a week in my neighborhood at an hourly pace of roughly 21:30. Today I walk my neighborhood at an hourly pace of 17:36, which is nearly 4 minutes off my time for a year ago. This is how simply changing what I put into my mouth has changed my life in a mere 9 months. No doubt, just like Tom, I am never going back, I have changed my life for the better permanently.

Submitted by cpk on

I love hearing about people getting in shape and losing weight, working out, and your story is awesome. I wish more people would follow your lead, and Tom's. We always hear about how health care costs are spiraling outta control in the US, much of this is no doubt because people aren't doing what you are. Great job on your part!