Aug 13th, 2021 | Health and Lifestyle

HOW IS TOM LOSING WEIGHT AND KEEPING IT OFF? He's down 47 pounds. He now has a normal heart rate. Practically normal blood pressure. Yet, he posts photos of some of the most delicious-looking food on social media. How does he do this? Find out!

Ultra-processed foods now account for two-thirds of calories in the diets of children and teens

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Submitted by valiford on

You know who I heard about Covid-19 becoming a pandemic? Tom Leykis. I listened to a show and Tom made it VERY clear. He said we would still be dealing with this for 18 months. This was at a time when I thought we would be shut down for 2 weeks or so. Tom set me straight - he was right.

Submitted by matt120 on

Did you find it harder to still eat healthy after you went back to Los Angeles then it was at the ranch?

Are you thinking about going back to the ranch and staying due to the covid delta variant?

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Nope. I didn't go out to restaurants in LA, so I maintained my same nutrition plan.

I am already at the ranch preparing for the next lockdown!