Guest Interviews

Guest Interviews

Hour 1: An article blames men being "childish" as the reason why women having kids late in life.  Hour 2: What men hate about women. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: Will Trump make it through his four year term? Hour 2: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: A Bostonian at Fenway threw peanuts at the great Baltimore Oriole center fielder Adam Jones and called Adam "nigger" and Tom is disgusted - but not surprised. Hour 2: More on dealing with racism. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: The Advice Hour. Hour 2: The Advice Hour continued with Tom and Paul from Sydney with help and advice to Matt from Montana. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: It's 420 and Tom welcomes attorney Bruce Margolin to discuss the laws surrounding marijuana. Hour 2: Tom and the callers celebrate 420 with an international bong hit at 4:20. Plus, Tom and the guys discuss radio and the idea of Tom owning stations in the future.


Hour 1: What should social media outlets do now in the wake of Steve Stevens killing Robert Godwin on Facebook Live? Hour 2: More on how to move forward with live streaming on social media. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: Would you ever fly United Airlines again? Hour 2: The discussion of flying United Airlines in the future, continued. Hour 3: Unscreened calls. 


Hour 1: Unscreened calls. Hour 2: Unscreened calls continued. Hour 3: Dr. Warren Farrell, author of "Why Men Earn More" discusses the facts and falacies behind the gender pay gap on today's "Equal Pay Day".


Hour 1: How is Trump doing? Hour 2: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: An email complaining about affordable housing prompts Tom to declare that if you can't afford housing where you live, move to where you can. Hour 2: More discussion on affordable housing. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.