Guest Interviews

Guest Interviews

Hour 1: Owning a home should not be The American Dream. Hour 2: House of Cards producer Dana Brunetti joins Tom in studio to discuss disruptors and catering to an audience that is technologically savvy. Hour 3: Tom's conversation with Dana Brunetti conitnues.


Hour 1: WOP, with special guest Mr. Skin with the 2015 Anatomy Awards winners. Hour 2: WOP. Hour 3: WOP.


Hour 1: Getting rid of the dream killers in your life. Hour 2: The discussion of dream killers continued. Hour 3: Tom talks only to 1st time callers.


Hour 1: Tom turns caller Jeff's dilemma of juggling 2 women into a party. Hour 2: Tom lays the hammer down on those trying to take his intellectual property. Hour 3: Reaction to NBC suspending Brian Williams for 6 months without pay.


Hour 1: Tom discusses the caller Mike from yesterday and how Tom understands why Mike is in such turmoil. Hour 2: More discussion of caller Mike and how to change a tumultuous situation. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: Tom began talking of how we are all better off supporting the people we know and ended discussing Taco Bell, peanut butter, jelly and margarine, Rainbow, Taco Bell and the like. Hour 2: More open discussion about a myriad of topics including bankruptcy, terrestrial radio, car sales, Hostess, Citadel Communications and the like. Hour 3: More random talk on such subjects as Seinfeld, Swap Shop, Miami, The Lark Tavern, the mafia and the like.


Hour 1: What it's like to date your dad. No...really. Hour 2: Should incest be illegal? Hour 3: Strive to be better than others.


Hour 1: Free Speech Frenzy. Hour 2: Free Speech Frenzy continued. Hour 3: Free Speech Frenzy continued.


Hour 1: You have to say no to raising the chilrens of other people. Hour 2: Discussion of why you shouldn't raise someones chilrens continued. Hour 3: WOP.


Hour 1: Owning a home should not be The American Dream. Hour 2: Don't let others stop you from succeeding. Hour 3: Are you spending money on women?