Guest Interviews

Guest Interviews

IS "QANON SHAMAN" AN INSURRECTIONIST OR A VICTIM? Meet his attorney Albert Watkins of St. Louis and get an idea of his surprising upcoming defense of his client, Jake Chansley, who failed to get a pardon from outgoing former president Donald Trump.

Arizona 'QAnon Shaman' Faces New Charges In U.S. Capitol Riots

St. Louis lawyer Albert Watkins says Trump's failure to pardon accused Capitol rioters is a 'betrayal'

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DID AMERICA'S BIG COMPANIES FUND THE ATTACK ON OUR CAPITOL? Journalist David Sirota sits in with Tom to tell us what he knows.

The Giant Corporate Giant Slush Fund Bankrolling the Extremist GOP

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#UNFIT: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DONALD TRUMP  Who is this guy? What can psychology professionals and the people who've worked with Trump tell us? Documentarian Dan Partland tells Tom all about his film and its subjects.

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ARE WE TOO PARANOID ABOUT COVID HYGIENE? Tom talks to Dr. Emanuel Goldman, a microbiology professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School who says that our fear about contracting COVID-19 from surfaces is all wrong!

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ARE 'PANDEJOS' SCREWING UP COVID-19 PROTOCOL? That's what Tom's guest, LA Times columnist Gustavo Arellano, calls them: a word created from the words "PANdemic" and "penDEJO". Why are so many Mexican Americans flouting COVID protocols and is it okay to call them out on it?

Here's Gustavo's Los Angeles Times about this subject: Don’t be a ‘pandejo.’ Take the pandemic seriously

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TALK RADIO'S AL RANTEL GIVES US HIS TAKE ON THE ELECTION CRAZINESS Outrageous longtime Los Angeles and Miami radio talk show host Al Rantel returns to try to help Tom sort out what the hell is happening with the aftermath of the presidential election. What will happen next?


From NBC News: Denmark vows to kill millions of minks even after WHO downplays Covid mutation risk

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NOW THAT IT'S OVER, WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO WIN THIS ELECTION? What will happen? Tom gets answers from attorney Seth Harris, one-time US Labor Secretary who worked inside the White House alongside President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. What can Biden do with a still-Republican Senate?

Seth Harris Wikipedia listing.

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A BLACK COMMUNITY OWNED BY BLACKS It's called Freedom, Georgia. And, right now, it's just 97 raw acres of land in an unincorporated area, but what a concept from real estate agent Ashley Scott. In the wake of the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, could black-owned communities be the wave of the future?

19 Black families bought 97 acres of land, and they want to turn it into a city called Freedom

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WHY DO WE EAT THIS WAY? Tom talks to Professor Barry Popkin, Professor of Global Nutrition at the University of North Carolina. Learn how a "food desert" is defined, and why Tom thinks the concept is nothing but an excuse for people to eat badly.

<--break->Get a look at Professor Barry Popkin's book The World Is Fat.

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WHO KILLED RADIO? It's a question that's been on Tom's mind for years. So he went out and got radio's preeminent consultant, Lee Abrams, to sit down and give his perspective. Lee has "designed" over 1,000 radio stations and was the mastermind behind the launch of XM Satellite Radio.

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