Jan 27th, 2021 | Guest Interviews

IS "QANON SHAMAN" AN INSURRECTIONIST OR A VICTIM? Meet his attorney Albert Watkins of St. Louis and get an idea of his surprising upcoming defense of his client, Jake Chansley, who failed to get a pardon from outgoing former president Donald Trump.

Arizona 'QAnon Shaman' Faces New Charges In U.S. Capitol Riots

St. Louis lawyer Albert Watkins says Trump's failure to pardon accused Capitol rioters is a 'betrayal'

Is QAnon Shaman a criminal or a victim? Have your say: tom@blowmeuptom.com.




Submitted by Daniel Klock on

Lots of meaty content in these 30+ minutes with attorney Al Watkins. And damn entertaining, too!

Submitted by thomasj on

Tom, thank you for interviewing Mr. Watkins.

However, if he thinks that making red herring arguments about Guyana and other such drivel (loaded with logical fallacies) is going to save his client, I think he is mistaken.

Perhaps he has no strong argument for his client's actions and therefore he must pile up the dung in order to distract from and stink up the proceedings.

I live in Arizona and I am registered for jury pools. If this ends up being the venue for the trial, he better hope that I'm not on the jury hearing such obviously theatrical and off-topic arguments.

Submitted by deweydec on

Another good interview. I enjoy the people you have on the show. His entire defense of his client is to accuse Trump of guilt and say Jake was just following his leader.

Submitted by thomasj on

More from SmartNews:

"Jacob Chansley, who calls himself the “QAnon Shaman” and was a prominent figure of the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Capitol, now “regrets” being “duped” by former President Donald Trump, and offered to testify at his upcoming impeachment trial.

Chansley’s lawyer Albert Watkins announced the offer last week, explaining that it is important for senators to hear from someone who was incited and then “betrayed” by Trump."

REALLY? I thought "Q" sent him. Does this mean "Q" was really Trump???

Wow; mind blown!
This is a bigger conspiracy than Alt Right Pizzagate! /s

Submitted by aofrailey on

I thought this from the first time I viewed him on TV. First of all, he maintained at least a psychological distance from the mob. He was alone. His "weapon" was for show; Were he serious about doing real harm, he would have brought a more appropriate weapon. When raiding the office in the Capitol, he stood away from the unruly mob in such a way that photographers would likely capture his image. He was inappropriately dressed for a fight. I doubt anyone who is bent on assaulting anyone would do so in a Halloween costume, unless that costume included a mask that would hide his identity. His entire affect was non-combative. Unless someone wants to make an example of him, he will walk away with a slap on the wrist.

Shaman's attorney has nothing to gain by taking this case except publicity. There certainly won't be any money in it, but he and Shaman will have certainly attained a mother-load of media attention, which in my opinion is what they wanted in the first place.

Submitted by sumopub on

He swayed me