Jul 12th, 2019 | Guest Interviews

ARE SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS JUST A BUNCH OF FRAUDULENT FREELOADERS? Meet LA ice cream truck owner Joe Nicchi of CVT Soft Serve. Joe took a stand online and couldn't believe the response he got!

Here is the piece that drew Tom's attention to the story.

All about CVT Soft Serve.

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Joe Nicchi CVT Instagram post:



Submitted by TallTim on

This interview reminds me of Groupon, where they'd promise a lot of "exposure" and brand building, but ended up costing businesses lots of money.

Anyone promising anything other than money, and without a contract can go pound sand. Vapid attention whores aren't going to help build your business.

Submitted by CHarris on

These "Influencers" will do anything for a free product.

"They live off of Fabricating their existence".

Best line I've heard.