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CRANK CALLS CIRCA 1982 Six months before Howard Stern became a superstar on WNBC/New York and a full 12 years before The Jerky Boys released their first album, Tom Leykis and his pal Howard Hoffman made and recorded hundreds of prank phone calls to unsuspecting radio hosts in Phoenix, Arizona. This collection has never been aired on radio or on Tom's live stream (although it has been played at dozens of parties). Many of these Phoenix call-in shows had no 7-second delays, though some actually did. These calls are often funnier than any radio show though, as you'll hear, Tom could never, ever play them on the radio. This tape was just unearthed at Tom's home in the Hollywood Hills. 



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Another talk show featuring a right wing wacko with a local Los Angeles weekly talker had a delay that ran 60 to 70 seconds. When he pressed the dump button, ten seconds of the show before it was pressed never got on the air. Tom managed to get four "fucks" in a row on the air after the host pressed the dump button twice, informing the prankster not to plug Tom's show on KFI or something like it. After the four "fucks" aired, the dump button was pressed again and the caller was dumped off the air. It seemed that in real time, the host was pressing the dump button three times, once per 11 seconds, for a 22 second span. On the air, I heard the prankster, then one second later, the host complaining, then one second later, the four "fucks", then one second later, the host talking with his voice stretching long while the tape delay was being restored back to 60 seconds. Tom timed it well enough to fool the host and those four "fucks" were heard from Tijuana to Santa Barbara and points beyond that Monday night. That was classic radio terrorism that I witnessed.

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You got EIGHT "FUCKs" in on Tradio! I'm dying! I almost crashed my car.

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Like Tom said this was years before Howard was doing it. Very funny. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. OK Blow me up tom