Jan 20th, 2019 | Be Funny

WHAT'S THE MOST POLITICALLY INCORRECT THING YOU CAN THINK OF? A prime example of why we live behind a paywall. Tom asked listeners to call in and say "the most politically incorrect thing" they could think of. Yikes!

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Submitted by beastiedogz on

Whyyyy are you doing this to meeeeee

Submitted by paulbarber on

Hey Tom, Love you man, no homo. It really bugs me that cheap asses wouldn't pay the 11 bucks a month. Really miss the show, Gary, Dino, Mike... Oh well I'm with you till the end!

Submitted by thomasj on

Being 6'-1" these cart ladies ask me all the time to reach the stuff on the top shelves.
Happened today, so I went back and listened again to the 1/20 show. Where somebody (maybe it was you) ripped them a new ass.

Now when they ask "Can you reach that for me?" I say "yes" and keep walking...