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HOW TO DEAL WITH GETTING AN ULTIMATUM Eventually, it usually comes down to this: she wants marriage, she wants kids, and she's tired of waiting. So she starts with the threats. What can you do when this happens and how do you do it?

I Gave My Partner of 3 Years an Ultimatum, and Now I'm Single



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Holy shit, I had the same exact thing happen to me:
A girlfriend jumped on top of me late one night while I was driving my Porsche 911 with her head out the top of the sunroof, riding me like a show pony, with no protection, hoping to get the job done. Of course I wouldn't let it get that far. This is the same woman that I caught RED HANDED fishing a condom out of the bathroom waste-basket trying to utilize the contents. This was all just before I discovered Leykis 101 in the late 90s. She thought my place was the roach motel, that is, you check in, but you don't check out. I couldn't get her to leave, until one day she got arrested for some petty misdemeanor. I seized the opportunity. Instead of bailing her out, I rented a storage facility, and moved everything that belonged to her out of my house, and gave her mom the key, and said you have one month prepaid. Finally gone.

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Well done!