Jul 27th, 2022 | Tom Talks

STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE If things in life aren't going your way, whose fault is it, after all?



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Thank you for pointing this out. We are responsible for where we're at today.

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Wow! Just WOW! Straight to the point and very powerful statements. Everything you said today was very very true father. I am a little butthurt bcs I havent stopped working since the pandemic started while most the bastards around me were laid off and collected their unemployment checks which was two times more than how much they would have made if they were working. I am happy for them actually. And I am happy for my self as well bcs I did my part for the society.

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Enjoyed the show. Agreed a 100% with everything Tom said. I have seen how backwards things have gone, when it was a time step it up while everything was shutdown. I am happy to say I got the job done. For those still pointing fingers and waiting for their contactless delivery to arrive, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF you.