Jun 6th, 2022 | Tom Talks

SHOULD LOUIS C.K. BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A CAREER? Many people say "no," as he begs his fans to ask their local theaters to show his new movie.

Attempted assassin John Hinckley now has a career. But Louis C.K. shouldn't?

Louis C.K. Has Released A Trailer For His New Secret Indie Movie

Louis C.K. Responds to Accusations: ‘These Stories Are True’



Submitted by yamamotd on

Hi Tom,

Thanks for enlightening us on the status of John Hinckley. I didn’t realize he release from custody. He was one of the poster children for not guilty by reason of insanity back in 1981. On one hand, I can see how can you convict a person that cannot differential between right & wrong. Nonetheless, having done a crime to release him would also not seem right.

The question is: “Is being locked up in a psychiatric institution for 35 years sufficient punishment for an attempted murder charge?” Apparently, he has been deemed “cured” (???), that he can be release back into the general public. So does that make him a ‘success’ case in rehabilitation, if he keeps his nose clean for the rest of his years on this planet?

As for Louis CK, I agree with your opinion – let him succeed or fail as a comedian on his merits as an entertainer. If enough time has passed from his infraction in which he takes responsibility, the public will decide if he is funny or thoughtful in his performance.

What might be interesting & even pertinent is what do his ‘victims’ that he offended, think about him now? Have most /all of them forgiven him? Are they OK for him to resume his career – in other words, do they feel he has been punished enough?

Submitted by ljudge14 on

CK is the GOAT, haters need to refrain from the trying to stop the man from making a living.

Submitted by submarineaz on

I like actors and comedians for what they do on screen and on stage, not their personal lives. If it's so offensive I can't ignore it, I'll stop watching their performances.

Submitted by Akocan35 on

This is fucking perfect example of what the fuck is wrong with this country. They raised a whole nation of people who are brain washed with ideas and values that are only favoring women. We distanced ourselves from reality so much and so the killing of a person just became a new normal. We have no remorse for anyone, or any human s life. it is just not a concern for most people anymore. But God forbid you offended a female with your dick. It becomes the issue that everyone raises their eyebrows.