May 27th, 2022 | Tom Talks

WHAT ARE MEN SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN WE FIND OUT THAT ONE OF THE KIDS ISN'T OURS? That's what happened to one Redditor who then got roasted for not wanting to pay for the bastard kid's college education!

'You Are Not My Dad': Man Dragged for Threatening Teenager's College Fund

The original Reddit post



Submitted by John Nett on

--When a man commits matrimony and decides to become a breeder. Big deal, you are a seed spreader, so what, you're nothing special at all.

The biological father of this Alexander guy is also a seed spreader, spreading said seed into the cunt of the wife of this complainer.

My advice is to cut ties and concentrate on your life. In this case the complainer remarried and continues to breed.

He also seems to have a need to publish this bit on social media instead of being a real man and figuring out his own problems.

Chances are this Cuck will have a mix of different cum's brewing in his new wife's snatch. He is not smart enough, or man enough to negotiate

the dangerous institution of marriage.

You can't fix stupid, only death does that.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

The female exists only to breed and to collect the resources to do so.

That’s it. That’s a woman’s entire purpose for existing. Women typically stop developing emotionally and intellectually around ages 13-15 because that is when they are physically ready to breed. They only need to develop a low cunning to trap a mate/provider (ie a sucker).

Who really cares who the real dad is…?