May 19th, 2022 | In the News

WHO READS THE "SWIMSUIT EDITION" TO SEE INCLUSIVENESS? We all know the reason. And it's not to see fatties, fuglys, or trannies in skimpy attire!

Yumi Nu ‘shaking’ over SI Swimsuit cover reveal



Submitted by mwkirlin on

Sports Illustrated somehow thinks it's still relevant. To be sure, the only way they may be relevant any more is if they can kindle enough interest in what they used to be. That will never happen when they respond to the US Women's soccer team over their buyers. They are too afraid of going out a step of what is politically correct. All of this is merely virtue signaling, as opposed to caring about having a swimsuit issue.

Submitted by masterautotech on

Back in the day every young teenage boy lived for the swim suit edition and play boys. I know I did. we wanted to see the hottest new it girl. long hair, slim skinny petite body, beautiful face and young. its just what all and most guys wanted man I miss those days. to bad. and I agree if you are on tv you should look better than the people that are not on tv, otherwise what is the point of watching?

thanks TOM

Submitted by cpk on

the money will tell. If this particular issue makes money, well, maybe some folks like seeing this. If not, then maybe SI will not choose to do this in the future. They're a private business, they can do what they want. I don't like this trend towards making overweight acceptable. Don't like the overweight manikins at Target, etc. Not because to me it's ugly (well it is, but I'm a hetero female and wouldn't want to see fat guy manikins either - Yeah how 'bout showing a nice ol beer belly poking out from that $100 dress shirt?! I don't think so!). no, it's not cause of that but rather, Americans are way too obese, health problems abound and it's a bigger epidemic than the opioid crisis by FAR! We shouldn't be celebrating excess fat. It's like showing manikins shooting up or something. put down the fast food and get in shape- fuck!